Sore Throat Lozenges & Spray

The severity of your sore throat can vary from dry and irritated to swollen and inflamed – and no matter how sever it is, Dobendan acts quickly in order to soothe your sore throat, relieve pain and fight inflammation.

Dobendan products are available as a choice of spray or lozenges that not only relieve the discomfort of sore throats but also help fight bacteria and certain viruses that can cause a sore throat in the first place. For severe cases, there are options with anaesthetic properties to numb throat pain.



What causes a sore throat and what type of sore throat have you got?

The majority of sore throats are caused by viruses, where antibiotics aren't going to help treat your symptoms or relieve your sore throat. Viral or bacterial infections can cause throat pain and each one requires different treatment. Dobendan has the right solution for effective Sore Throat relief – no matter the cause.


Find out more about the different types and causes of sore throats here.

How can you treat your sore throat?

Dobendan® offers a wide selection of special lozenges and sprays which combat the various symptoms of sore throats but working out which one to use can often be tricky. Many lozenges contain antiseptics to fight germs and relieve discomfort of a ST. Some stronger options also contain Flurbiprofen which is specifically formulated to treat severe sore throats.

As with all lozenges, they disolve slowly in the mouth in order to provide effective relief. Dobendan Sprays , on the other hand, provides six hours of pain relief and six hours of anti-inflammatory action. It is sprayed towards the back of the throat - directly to the source of the problem.

If you are unsure about the type of sore throat you have and how you should treat it, head to our FAQ site here.




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